Work continues!  We painted the flybridge roof.  We used Rustoleum 9100 & 9800 two part epoxy paint.  It was applied over the course of 3 days. 2 coats of 9100 primer and 1 coat of 9800 finish,  While is is brand new, I am very impressed with the initial results.  Easy application, good looks, and what appears to be a very durable surface.  The 9100 primer went on as almost a "rubbery" seal.  The topcoat seems much "harder".  The white we used is BRIGHT, BRIGHT.  We rolled it on after doing a thorough prep job and a degreasing wash (x2).  So far we recommend it, we will keep this product in mind in future posts.  Just a note, this is so much cooler than the bare aluminum.  Literally the difference between hot enough to burn your foot on a hot sunny day and not even warm to the touch.  Should make a world of difference on interior temperatures.

We finished the shower install except for the corner trim.  The cultured marble cut easily using a circular saw cutting backwards.  The backwall and sidewall were heavy enough to be awkward but doable.  The double threshold cut to fit on my power miter saw,  I cut the hot/cold handle holes with a holesaw in my drill.  I have never worked with cultured marble but it went very smoothly.  We purchased it from Imperial Marble and they walked us through the selection process and measured for us on site.  The delivery was a little slow (3 weeks) but overall we are happy.  My wife loves how it looks.  I think it adds class to the bathroom.

I built a vanity and we put a matching cultured marble vanity top on it.  I am proud of the vanity as I built the cabinet, face frame, and door from scratch.  The top false door needs to be built but it will get done soon.

Work continues with the electrical.  More wire on order.  We purchased used LP frig, water heater, range, and furnace.  I will be configuring the install soon.  Safety, reliability, and ergonomics will be topmost in mind in developing these plans.  We also continue to double insulate with rigid foam board, you can see this in some of the pictures.

Lastly, one of the next items is replumbing the hydraulic steering lines in the flybridge and reinstalling the flybridge when the paint cures for a few weeks.  Anybody up for a flybridge lifting party?  Socks or barefeet required. :)  White paint shows shoe prints like crazy!  Our plans involve an outdoor-area rug for the flybridge.

Thanks for stopping by.  We feel a lot better about the overall job with the Rustoleum epoxy.  We think this is going to be great solution for the roof leaks.  We are hoping to get to install some ceilings very soon.

Fair winds my friends,



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We finally admitted it.
"Quick update

We continue to work on the boat in most of our spare time. The head is framed in and we are in the process of installing the cultured marble shower (a heavy job). The pocket door to the stateroom has been moved forward 6", widened 6" to 30" and the opening raised to where up to a 6'4" frame will fit through. The stateroom closet is gone, by choice. Approximately 45% of the insulation is done and we have one of the six lower windows re-framed in aluminum. The carb on the genny has been completely rebuilt. Probably 35% of the AC circuits are in and all of the helm wiring is gone. The helm will be on the list before we launch. I think I mentioned the upper decks sometime, we are still struggling to find a GOOD tig welder for the leaks. That is the number one frustration besides not getting on the water. The salon/galley stairs have been designed and rebuilt to save 8" of galley space. The rear steps have been replaced with a single step/workbench. Much easier in and out of the aft window and nice for short rests and work space (doesn't take up an inch more than the original stairs. Many other things too minimal to list.

We are not going to get out this year. We finally admitted it. The goal is to have it completely done for next spring. We took the boat apart staple-by-staple, screw-by-screw, wire-by-wire, and wall-by-wall. We really didn't realize we were going to do everything. We could have saved a ton of time by ripping it out all at once but I JUST DIDN'T KNOW

I'll put some pics on the website tonite if you care to see the progress/devastation.

I would have posted sooner but working on a boat is funner than talking about it.

KC55 "

This is what I posted on the forum I am on.  I am sorry for the delay in posting, I didn't want to be one of those people who started posting regularly and tapered off.  Can't deny the truth though.

One last thought.  Is "Admission" the fact that we aren't getting on the water or the fact that we are paying the  "Price of admission" into the houseboating world?  It ain't cheap - time, labor, and or cash, you have to pay somewhere.  I'm glad I picked this boat for our investment.