Moss grows on trees. And indoor/outdoor carpet.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate Indoor/Outdoor carpet on our houseboat?  So, I had Sunday off, the first day in over 2 weeks, and we went down to the boat to talk over our plans.  We ended up scrapping and vacuuming the moss off of/out of the indoor/outdoor carpet.  It was there when we bought the boat and we knew it was in need of cleaning, but I would have rather worked on the windows.  You talk about wanting to do something and not having the time, I work 10 and 12 hour shifts now and have just as much daylight as the rest of progress.

Speaking of no progress, the weather is a hindrance.  You probably thought the 6 degrees was a Kevin Bacon thing, nope.  The 6 degrees I am talking about is the temperature yesterday morning.  That kind of cold does help me stay away from and all aluminum houseboat.  That's the separation I mean.  We are supposed to have a heat wave of 45 - 50 degrees within a week.  If I am off Sunday I'll try to post pics and a little info on what we get done.

Winter is not the best boating time of the year here in Indiana.




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