New Course


As you know (if you've been following this blog) I am wanting to repair the windows on our boat "Empty Nestin' ".  As I get further along in this project, the more things I find to repair.  Windows led to walls led to ceiling led to insulation led to wiring, you get the picture.  Well today started the tear out of the unused wiring.  The picture at the left is 3 hours worth of tracing wires and removing unnecessary circuits.  There is literally about a bushel of wires that had been spliced, jumpered, and abandoned.  This was well worth the time, I can now start to see what needs to be updated and what is good to go.  If I had to guess, I will probably replace most of the remaining wiring.  This is a different course of action than I had originally planned, but I want to do the right things the right way in the right order.

I still have a central vac to remove and the main A/C circuits to check out.  I honestly think I am close to going the other direction soon...replacing and repairing.  I haven't forgot the window frames, I will post info on those as we progress.  The nice thing about a boat is it ends somewhere.  I know if I keep going I will eventually be into everything and know exactly what shape all the systems are in.  It wasn't to long ago I was celebrating being a boat owner, now I realize I am owned by a boat :)  It is all good though, as I have said before, any day you step foot on a houseboat is a good day.

A final note, credit where credit is due.  My wife came down for most of the work today and helped a great deal.  An extra pair of hands is always helpful, especially an extra pair of soft, pretty hands. 

I hope you had a good day and got to be on your boat today.  If not, at least we are getting closer to Spring, hang in there.




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