I almost feel bad, but I have not had that much to post.  I have been working a fair amount of overtime and not been to the boat much in the last two weeks.  That is no excuse and I am going to start skipping sleeping at night to get some stuff done.

I have received some questions and have some to ask.  First, someone wants to know the number of single level Kingscraft Houseboats built.  I don't know, but a former VP of Kingscraft is working on some information and my hope is to receive that relatively soon and post it here on the site.  I am hoping for production numbers and a history of the company.  If anyone out there has any info I would love to get it and pass it on to everyone.

Next, a question was asked about sacrificial anodes and where to get them.  I have never purchased anodes (remember, I'm a newbie) so I won't suggest a place, but just want to emphasize the importance of checking them on a regular basis.  If you are new to aluminum boats, electrolysis is one of the few threats to your hull.  I would recommend going to houseboatmagazine.com and do a search.  There is a wealth of info and experience there.  Don't be turned off by this subject, it beats wood rot and it's just something to educate yourself on and take the simple precautions.

A question was posted about original price of a particular model year.  Unfortunately, I don't have the detailed, yearly prices, but you can go to the documentation page and find some info there to get a really good idea.  I know I can't afford a new houseboat now, so I am going to guess that back in the day it was a serious deal for a blue-collar family to buy one.  Getting a Kingscraft is a great way to break into this type of boating and have a solid investment that will last a lifetime.  Yes, I said investment, if you buy this boat right and be careful about what you put into it, I believe that should you want to upgrade in the future, you can be on the right side of things.  Buying a boat is expensive, owning one is too.  Having one is priceless (to me).

Now for my question.  Do you have any experience with this company, Foam It Green ?  Please let me know what you think or make suggestions about other similar products.  I would like to benefit from your experiences.  I have come to realize mistakes cost money :) but listening is free!

A quick update:  still getting started on the window tracks, I promise a detailed review and pictures.  I pulled the ceiling panels and am going  to run lights and speaker wiring before insulation.

Does anybody know how many days 'til Spring?  I do, too many.

Sorry for the slow progress.  That was for my wife.

Here's to dreams of sun, water, and fun,



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