I couldn't tell if this was going to make sense visually. It is a door pull.  The type of thing you would find on a medicine cabinet mirror door or a sliding shower door.  The base is 1 inch square and the cylinder is 9/16" diameter and is 3/4" long.  It is a door pull or more correctly in this case a window pull.  We need to have a way to reliably and safely open the windows on the boat.  No, I don't have the window tracks replaced yet.  That is the reason for this post, I thought when the tracks came in I could just pull out the glass panels, measure and cut the tracks, and reinstall the windows.  Wrong.  As I began getting my tools and stuff together to go down to the boat, I realized a few more details about the replacement than I had originally considered.  I will tell you this is going to be a detailed description, so if windows don't  excite you and dominate your thoughts, this may take a minute or two you don't have :)

The bottom track of the salon windows need to be 10'6" long and the tracks are 9'.  There will have to be a splice or joint to get the length.  While simple in concept, the reality of a potential leak point has to be addressed.  I have decided to epoxy the joint and back that section with 5200.  I will need to take my chop saw  down to the boat, and get some 5200.  I need to remove some of the existing screws and decide to match them or upgrade with a slightly different stainless flat head screws.  I will need a way to cover the opening if I can't get the window done in a day.  Plastic sheeting, duct tape.  A countersink bit for the mounting holes.  The tracks themselves need weep or drain holes drilled, which I am really wanting make ovals.  This is straightforward but not really. Since I am planning 50 holes 10x2 (salon) and 5x6 (lower windows) I don't want to spend $200 ($4 x 50) for a machine shop to make the oval drain holes.  These holes have to have the lower side EQUAL to the bottom of the track or the water won't drain completely OR the bottom of the track will have low spots which will affect the polyglide strips from attaching properly.  I plan on dilling in a drill press and machining on my table router.  I can't tell if this makes sense, I described it as well as I could.  I will post detailed pics when finished with this detail.  When this is all done and the panes reinstalled I will have to measure for the new pile strips ( the little seal strips that keep water and air from getting through the gap between the flat surface of the overlap of the panes).  Again, pictures to come.  The gap has to be measured to balance the appropriate seal and having too much friction.  Window seals/piles/felt strips, come in different heights, I didn't know this detail.  Finally, the decision to tint or not - this will wait. And lastly, installing the pulls (remember those).  I know I over-think a lot of things, Welcome to my world.

I did find out today that adjustable corner braces are available for building screen windows.  I am going to make screen windows as none came with the boat.  Did you know screen comes in aluminum, dark aluminum. fiberglass, no-see-um, and solar?  Have to consult with the wife on this detail.  White frames or dark frames or shiny aluminum frames for the screens, another detail, another question for the wife.

I am planning on replacing the porthole glass with one-way mirrors facing out.  Just a preference, but you have to get a certain kind or back-lighting ruins the one-way effect.  I will post the correct name when I re-ask the Glass Shop counter person.  PS we will be able to see out, the portholes will look like mirrors from the outside.  Optional detail.

So, no, I have not started the actual install yet.  I do plan on doing it right.  If I win the lottery in the next couple of days I will order windows, dual pane, tinted, pieces of art.  I don't plan on winning the lottery.

By the way, I have to re-glaze the front two windows, as a gap has developed.  This can be done anytimebefore Spring.

I think a good cleaning of the rear salon window and the back sliding door will get them up to snuff.

Windows - Do you take them for granted?  I knew this was going to have to be done, but not this soon, and I didn't think there would be this many details.  It's fun to imagine the finished product (or effect) and see it in your mind, and then go through the steps to make it real.  I salute those of you who have done this with a houseboat and are enjoying the fruits of your labor.  I really hope I don't break any of my window panes, That will be an entirely different detail to consider





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