Happy Valentine's Day!  I have been working 6-7 days a week for a while now, and with the shorter daylight hours the boat has been on the back burner.  This evening we went down to the boat and ripped out the central vac and worked on stripping out more of the unused 38 year old electrical wiring.  No pictures will really show a huge difference but we are making slow progress. 

The old central vac was cool, it would reach from the front of the salon to the very back of the stateroom.  It just doesn't suit us and takes up a fair amount of space under the salon.  We will just go with a regular vacuum.

I'm looking into Blue Sea Systems for our electrical upgrade.  Where would you put your Main? 

This is short but we haven't done that much for a while, I guess we just have a well rounded life :)



Tom H
04/06/2013 12:15pm

We put our new 120V/12V Blue Seas panel at the base of the helm center.

Have you located where the belly water tank drain is?



04/16/2013 4:27pm


Hi, the tank drain is about the middle of the boat on the Port side, it is a 1/2" plug on the bottom near the keel line.
Sorry for the delay in responding


Rolland Bartle
04/17/2013 10:31am

I built my main breaker supply to the right of the helm station and left the 12 V stuff under the wheel as it was originally located. 1,200' of new marine grade wiring in my boat. Kings never made them to any code it seems.

In regards to the water tank, need to watch these as time goes by for corroding from the inside out. if you have aluminum in the pick up filter, it could be the root for troubles. I had a good tank, but opted for 4- 25 gallon plastic tanks located under the floor. It's plenty for us.

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