Ahh Spring...
Spring as in we have sprung some leaks.  The Starboard area above the couch/bunks and right at the shower wall next to the exterior wall were rotten.  Apparently there has been leaks for years, just very small.  A week ago Sunday it poured ALL day and these small leaks became very large and I investigated.  I found the wet, rotten wood and water damaged paneling.  We had planned on remodeling the head next winter.  We had also planned to remove the indoor/outdoor carpet on the roof next Summer.  Now we are hip deep into both.  The carpet glue has been epically hard to remove.  I won't bore you with my whinings about this. If you need to remove I/O carpet glue here is the secret.  Wait till a hot (90 degrees +), sunny day.  Pull up as much by hand as possible.  Spread brake fluid on remaining rubber backing/glue until entirely soaked (gallons).  Wait until visible vapor starts to be seen.  Scrape with carbide scrapper, sharpening often.  Then coat with epoxy stripper, scrape again and finally sand with belt sander,  Seriously, this is what I had to do.  UGH.  We are looking at a urethane roof coating, we will post this choice soon.  As soon as the leak is fixed we will remodel the head (full size shower) and get ready to launch.  That's right :)  water.

Right this minute you can see all the way through the boat, one end to the other.  I only intended to paint a little and maybe put up new curtains.  I am so tired,  floating on the water seems like a dream.  I look forward to running in to some of you, I hope if you see us (Empty Nestin') please flag us down and say HI.



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