We are making progress, it's just slow. We have all of the carpet off of the top and need to finish sanding. I will have to fill the joints on the upper deck and then I will be able to paint. We have looked at sani-tred, sonoguard, and various other urethanes, but have decided on Devoe two part epoxy primer and paint for the upper decks. We replaced one of the lower windows (middle Starboard), cleaned most of the lower bilge and replaced about 1/4 of the interior decking. I ordered a c-head composting toilet after we ripped out all of the sewage system. All of the hoses were permeated and stunk. I realize this is a pretty radical move but I couldn't find a single person that actually owns one that isn't happy. We are completely redoing the head (new shower, toilet, and vanity) and moving the walls. I also am widening the pocket door from 24 inches to 30 inches(won't have to turn sideways to go through). The new layout of the head means none of the windows will be "split" by any walls. The boat will be radically opened up. Our plans are to re-float as soon as the head, roof, and through hulls are all done. We will have a long way to go but we want to be boaters and not just builders.

I have not been very good about these postings, work has been a killer and going to school has been a load also.  Work should be slowing down a bit, so I will try to post more pics soon.  Working on a boat is a LOT harder than making a webpage, but I want to have history here.  If you have a c-head please let me know how it is working out.


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