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We have really been back at it lately.  We are still dry-docked but plan to launch by the end of June.  We have put up paneling, torn out paneling, installed ceiling in the head and torn out ceiling in the head and many other fun and stupid things.  I know if you have redone a houseboat you are continuing the laughter you started when you first found this site.  We are making progress.

A quick order of business, I owe an apology to a number of people who sent me pictures of their Kingscrafts.  I really appreciate it and love the work you have done.  I promise to post some pics.  I hope if you are new here you will consider sending me pictures of your KC houseboat.  

We have replaced more of the flooring, installed led lighting in much of the boat, finished the pine bead-board in the salon, tore out the existing galley (what was left of it), built and installed the new custom upper cabinets, built and installed the new cabinet bases (doors are finished but not the drawers), put in blinds for the galley windows, finished all of the walls in the galley/dining area, started some of the finish trim, finished 1/2 of the knee wall of the salon (transition to the galley), laid luan in the galley, and installed hundreds and hundreds of feet of marine grade wiring.  Also, we fabricated a new Port HVAC duct system (behind the cabinet bases in the curve of the lower wall), completed 90% of the insulation, and spent a small fortune.  Doing almost every bit of the work ourselves has saved a ton of money, but the supplies and parts add up quick. 

In the very near future I will finish a quick disconnect system for the fly-bridge.  Additional plans include rewiring the helm and engines, building a counter-top, making the head fully functional (we really like the C head composting toilet we bought), and many other large and small projects.

The surface of the river was glassy smooth yesterday afternoon and that is the worst part of it.  I want to be out there.  This is an means to an end.  We won't be done when we launch but it will be time.  Thanks for stopping by - I'm glad you didn't forget how to get here.


PS  Wife update:  still going strong!  She is the best help and has really good ideas.   


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